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For Rent $4,200.00 Min per week - House
5 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
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Las Brisas is a large two-house compound on one of the biggest lots, right near the beach in Playa Guiones. The property is walled in so you have complete security and privacy for your family vacation or hosted retreat.

The property has manicured gardens, a refreshing pool, outdoor shower, covered outdoor decks with hammocks, chairs, and comfortable sleeping quarters for 12. There is a new, huge rancho with its’ own kitchen, big, beautiful wood dining table, several sofas to lounge in and enjoy outdoor living right by the pool. The upstairs has a large platform for yoga, dance, or other exercise. There are also three beds complete with mosquito nets for those who want to sleep “al fresco.”

There is a quiet front entrance just past the Beach Dog Cafe, and the rear entrance is near the Harbor Reef hotel.
Las Brisas is central to all dining, shopping, surfing, and the other amenities that Playa Guiones has to offer.

The front house has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms and sleeps 6 in the bedrooms and one or two on the living room sofas.

The back house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a common area with kitchenette. It sleeps 2 in the master bedroom, two in the second bedroom, and two on daybeds in the living room.

In total, Las Brisas is one of the most well-known, sought after properties in Playa Guiones. There are very few properties that offer this amount of space this close to the beach. The rancho is the perfect addition to make lounging by the pool, BBQing, eating and drinking with family and friends as good as it can get. There’s also a ping-pong table and other games for kids.

Make this your tropical vacation destination and we’re sure you’ll be coming back like everyone else.

Contact Ed Daly

  • Office : 506-2682-0630
  • Mobile : 506-8577-9249

Ed is from Huntington, NY and first came to Costa Rica on a college semester abroad. After graduating from…
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