Nosara's surf scene

Ride the perfect wave.

Nosara is a surfer’s paradise. The main beach of Nosara is Playa Guiones, a 6 km expanse of undisturbed white sand that ranks among one of the best surf spots in the world. It receives year-round consistent swells, good wind conditions and is consistent with long beach breaks both lefts and rights. However, rip tides surface on some days—limiting rides to experienced surfers.

To some it is remnant of the 1970’s surf culture in the Hawaiian Islands—a culture undisturbed by amateurs but inviting to those willing to learn. Find surf classes from experienced instructors or buy custom surfboards from renowned surf legend Steve Dunham. At days end, swap stories with visiting surfers from the U.S., Australia, France, Germany and other nations at Kaya Sol, a popular surfer hangout.

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Surf Shops

  • Coconut Harry’s: 506.682.0574
  • Juan Surfo’s: 506.682.4041
  • Nosara Surf Shop: 506.682.0186
  • Pancho’s: 506.682.0591