Nosara Dining

A choice for everyone.

Nosara offers a variety of dining experiences as a result of its diverse mixture of cultures from Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. Diners can find a variety of tastes to wet their palate, ranging from traditional Greek food at La Luna restaurant to pizzerias. Other restaurants offer healthful choices for vegetarians and those interested in macrobiotic foods, such The Village and Kaya Sol.

Dining options cross the board, from $5 bacon, egg and gallo pinto (rice and beans) plates at Rosi’s to high-end Italian dining at La Dolce Vita. Of course, there is plenty of traditional Costa Rican fare as well as American favorites including burgers and chicken fingers. For a great steak or giant pork chops, stop by Marlin Bill’s. Or visit Freddie’s La Casona to feed a pizza craving or for a taste of authentic local cuisine. La Basilica and Giardino Tropical are also favorites for great pizza. And Dos Lorena’s has great casados and Rancho Tico is known for their typical Tico menu. For sunset dining , don’t mIss Lagarta Lodge. And if you are looking for a nice quiet dinner, stop by Casa Romantica (reservations recommended).

Nightlife is alive in Nosara. Visitors can find live bands at local hangouts like Gilded Iguana or Bar Casa Tuscan where they serve Margaritas on the rocks as well as American cuisine. Or check out Hanali House for a friendly game of billiards and La Banana and Tropican a for dancing.

Most, if not all, businesses accept U.S. dollars, Visa, MasterCard or the local currency, the colonoes. However, visitors can only access cash in colonoes at one of the several local banks by using a Visa or MasterCard along with the credit cards’ pin numbers. ATM cards are not accepted.

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  • Kaya Sol: 506.2682.0080
  • Café de Paris: 506.2682.0087
  • Casa Tucan: 506.2682.0113
  • Giardino Tropicale: 506.2682.0258
  • Gilded Iguana: 506.2682.0259
  • La Casona Pizzeria: 506.2682.0442
  • La Dolce Vita: 506.2682.0107
  • Lagarta Lodge: 506.2682.0035
  • La Luna: 506.2682.0122
  • Marlin Bill’s: 506.2682.0458
  • Pancho’s: 506.2682.0591
  • Rancho Tico: 506.2682.0006
  • Rosie’s Soda Tica: 506.2682.0728